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Doddl Baby Cutlery Set & Case

Doddl Baby Cutlery Set & Case

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Product Information

The doddl baby cutlery set contains a spoon and fork, along with a handy compact carry case.

Designed to help you safely introduce cutlery to your baby from 6+ months, doddl helps your baby learn at every mealtime and is recommended by feeding experts.

The cleverly designed, ergonomic handles allow the use of the basic palmer grip, with soft touch areas to help develop the more advanced pincer grip.

This cutlery set will encourage your baby to self-feed as they start to explore foods, textures and tastes.

The smooth ends are designed to feel comfortable in your baby’s mouth while the short compact design reduces gag risk.

This set will help build a positive association between cutlery and mealtimes and compliments both baby-led weaning and self-feeding.

Key Features

  • Suitable for babies 6+ months
  • Certified safe for babies
  • BPA and phthalates free materials
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Short and compact handles make cutlery easier to grip and control
  • Bright soft touch areas help finger placement
  • Utensil ends perfectly sized for little mouths and shaped for comfort
  • 2-piece set builds familiarity with cutlery and encourages babies to hold a piece in each hand, working both sides of the brain equally
  • Bright and functional compact case keeps cutlery safe and hygienic
  • Award winning British design
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